Friday, February 13, 2015

Six years equals 72 months

So there I was, sitting in torts minding my own business. The class was talking about whether or not law professors owe a duty of care to their students while discussing rape and sexual assault. It was a very interesting conversation. Then out of nowhere, I hear the door behind me slam open and a guy with the biggest bouquet of roses I've ever  seen walks in. I swear that I did not even connect the bouquet and my anniversary until I saw that the delivery guy was carrying a book. A book by my favorite author.

So me being me, I immediately swing my chair the other direction and pretend that since I can't see him, he can't see me. Yes, I AM two.

So the guy calls my name, my professor starts a slow clap and the delivery guy tells me that there are 72 roses here, one for each month Fiancé and I have been together. I'm as red as a lobster, my classmates are oooo-ing and I wanted the floor to swallow me.

This was the LARGEST bouquet I've EVER SEEN. Do you know how much room 72 roses take up? A lot. Not to mention the filler flowers and greenery. They had to put them in a bucket because they couldn't find a vase big enough.

This bouquet is as big as I am!

I couldn't even carry it. I had to have a friend help me. Good lord.

And yes, I am aware that anyone at my school would recognize me from this picture and this story. However, I'm just not comfortable having my face on the internet like this. I'm strange like that. Plus, I feel like I mostly read law school blogs before starting school. What are the chances one of my classmates will find this blog anyway? 

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