Saturday, August 15, 2015

I'm not ready!

I just got my first syllabus. 


Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Dollar signs in my head

So last semester, I had to jump through a ton of hoops to figure out when I could have my bladder surgery scheduled so that I could get reimbursed for my out of pocket expenses and yet, wouldn't have to drop out of school to recover. Well since my surgery ended up being a lot more involved than expected, it also ended up being a lot more expensive. And the bills are coming in. I went to my financial aid office today and found out that when I had talked to them before, they had meant that only the prepay amount would be covered and even though I now owe thousands and thousands of dollars, federal loan laws do not allow me to be reimbursed because it is not not the same school year as the surgery was.

Of course, if I am unable to pay my hospital bills, it will go to collections and the Bar may not allow me to pass the character and fitness portion of the bar.

Oh and I also found out today that due to a rule change, I will no longer be able to keep my job at the Elder Law center once classes start up again.

Oh this is going to be fun.