Friday, October 31, 2014

Test 2

So this is the part of the semester where things are heating up. I've been falling behind and catching up and falling behind again for a few weeks now but from what I hear, everyone is. 

We got our final memo assignment last week and had a seven page prewritting assignment due a few days ago. Oh I miss undergrad where the paper was only seven pages!! >_<

We had our second civ pro test today. On Halloween! Needless to say, I think my entire class is drunk right now! 

I did get dressed up and go out but as I am currently blogging instead of getting crazy, I at least have hope that I won't hate life tomorrow. We will see. 

Happy Halloween everyone!

Friday, October 17, 2014

Rough Week

Our second memo was due last weekend and it seriously messed up my schedule. I couldn't get all my reading for the week done over the weekend and holy crap did I fall behind. I wish I could say that it is all due to the memo but I also had some medical issues crop up through the week. Not only did I have to spend all day Wednesday at the doctor's but I spent all day Thursday on the phone with my insurance company. That meant even more time spent on all sorts of stuff except law school. Plus I had to miss class. What a PAIN!!

But I have a plan. Today I'm going to catch up on civ pro. It's probably going to take until midnight but it's gonna happen. Boom!

Tomorrow I am going to catch up on Crim Law and try to beg someone to give me the notes from the class I missed. I will also do the reading for next week like I usually do. Double Boom!

Sunday I will do the same as Saturday but with Contracts.

And then on Monday evening, I will study for the R&W test that I have on Tuesday which is worth 30% of my grade. Gulp.

Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday of next week I will work on the R&W assignment due next weekend so that by next weekend, I will be back on track. Just in time to do all the reading for the next week.

If anyone is reading this thinking of going to Law School, DO NOT FALL BEHIND! Bad things happen when you do!

On a side note, I found out that my grade on the civ pro exam was one of the best in the class. So YAY!!! I have the next exam in two weeks so I better fit in some time to study for that as well. Oh what fun.

Friday, October 10, 2014

Test anxiety

Man, I thought test anxiety was supposed to occur during the test. Not in law school. We walked out of the test and then were told it would take two to four weeks to grade. So we waited. And waited. And waited. Finally we got them back today but the numbers are meaningless without the info about the curve and averages. So we wait some more. Good grief. 

In reality, I feel like I did okay and the professor wrote "excellent work" which is always a great sign but i wont sleep easy until I find out where that puts me on the curve. Sigh

Thursday, October 9, 2014

Well obviously I am not alone with my mid-semester slump

We haven't had Contracts for a week and a half as my professor was out of town. It was awesome but we all knew it'd have to end someday. Unfortunately that day was today. I actually was comfortably prepared because I am still on the do the reading for two classes each weekend. But my classmates? Ha! About a third of the class skipped and out of the rest of us, nine or ten left pass sheets on the podium. Our professor allows two free pass days a semester and I'm personally trying to save mine for the last week before finals but that's just me. Our professor walked in and what like "what the hell is going on? Is it Memo Week?" Yes Professor, it is memo week. And Opening Statement Competition Week. Oh and we are all exhausted and need a vacation as well.

At some point during the class, the professor got fed up and asked, "Okay, who actually read this case?" I was one of three people who raised their hands. Fortunately or unfortunately, depending on how you look at it, he didn't see my hand. So now he thinks I'm a slacker but he also didn't spend the rest of class calling on me as he does for the other two. Yay?

Oh, I have a story that happened during class but didn't actually have anything to do with Contracts. I grabbed a pretzel and cheese from the deli on my way to class and grabbed bites of it as we discussed the cases. At some point I thought, man, this nacho cheese is lousy and looked down and found mold all along the edges. I almost threw up in class. If it wasn't for the fact that our Contracts Professor doesn't let us leave to use the restroom, I would have gotten up and lost my lunch in the bathroom. But as I didn't want to be singled out for a lecture I just sat through the stomach rolling and held it in. I'm not the type of girl to go "EEEWWWW Gross!" but EEEWWWWW GROSS!!!!!!

But when I bought it back to the Deli and showed them, I got a free monster and a gift card. So eh. Mold usually isn't deadly. :P

Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Is it under the bed? In a cupboard? Where?

Motivation? Where'd you go honey? I need you to come back to me. 

So I'm not sure what happened but I'm losing steam on this whole law school thing. And I need to get my crap together and push on. 

I've spent the last three days trying to work on my second memo and I think I've got a paragraph out of it. And it probably needs to be rewritten. ARRRRGGG! It's due this weekend and I've got nothing. I spend more time worrying about the fact that I need to start writing it than I do actually working on it. I sit down, organize my materials and then ... Realize I'm hungry ... Need to walk the dog ... Grab my phone. Well you get the point. 
For the first time since class started, I'm about to walk into class without having the reading done. Now I can try to tell myself that we have a guest speaker the first half of class and we still have to catch up on the rest of last weeks reading (which I have done) but the fact still remains that we probably will start on the assignments for this week and I don't have it done. I'm angry with myself and I hate that!

Somebody tell me to get my butt in gear. 

Monday, October 6, 2014

Larceny of a Kitten

This week we are talking about what is and what is not larceny in Crim Law. At one point one of my classmates raised his hand and said, "So let me get this straight, if I find a penny on the ground and don't try to find the owner, I'm committing larceny?" My professor responded with "yes, well petty penny larceny, but technically yes." Then she went on a spiel about how law school is going to mess with our heads and we'll never be able to look at a wet spot on a floor or finding money in the same way. And then she told us about the time she committed larceny of a kitten.

It was way funnier than it should have been so I'm guessing she was right about law school messing with my head.

Love it!

Friday, October 3, 2014

Got Memo 1 back

Ouch. There is nothing worse than spending fifteen hours on something just to be told it's not good enough. I didn't do terrible in that I'm around the class average, possibly a little higher but since the class average was the lowest grade she could give, I can't consider that a good thing. I think there was one sentence that she thought was good enough to keep.

And the next memo is due in a week. Yikes!