Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Why can't someone else make this decision for me?

I would really love to just magically have an answer to where I am moving to in just a few short months. But I don't. Which means I have been collecting opinions like a teenybopper collects Tiger Beat posters. 

The first person I asked was my fiancé. After all, this decision affects him as much as it does me. We just celebrated out fifth anniversary and our original wedding date was supposed to be July 14, 2014. But then I came home one day and said "Honey, what do you think about selling our house and moving away for law school instead of going to the local one down the road?" He said, "Sure, sounds like fun!" So we postponed the wedding and I started applying to law schools across the nation. And this is why he is my guy. He has always got my back except for when it comes to cleaning out the litter box.
However, I somehow expected him to not be quite so supportive and actually voice an opinion as to where we will be living for the next three years. 
Nope. Not so much. His answer to the question, "Where do YOU want to live?" Was a very unhelpful.  "Wherever you are."  Yes, it's adorable. Yes, it's supportive and yes, it is sweet. But it is NOT helpful! 


So then I asked my best friend who happens to be a 2L at the local law school. She should know where I should go right? And at first, she did. When I got my first biiiiig scholarship, she very decisively told me to go there. Then when my top tier 1 school accepted me and offered me a half tuition scholarship, she told me that I WAS going there. No if's, ands, or buts. But then when a tier 3 that has a ton of elder law options, flew me across the country to check them out Fo Free! What did that girl do? She changed her mind again and told me to go there. Whaaaaat? That girl is as confused as I am. 

All the rest on my friends and family are just as unhelpful. My sister doesn't want me to move. My cousin does want me to move, but only to the law school near her. My dad thinks I should follow the dough, only so I can say I got 'thiiiiis' big of a scholarship. And my mom thinks I should go to the school that her parents met at. 

Thanks a lot you guys. Thanks. A. Bunch. 


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