Saturday, March 29, 2014

Last Prospective Law School Shindig

So fiancé and I drove up to our hometown this weekend for an admitted students weekend.

It's been really fun for a couple reasons. First of all, I could bring a guest so fiancé finally got to experience the law school madness with me. Even though I am the one starting law school this fall, I can't see how I'm not going to be bringing it home with me. Why not ease him into it now? As it turned out, he was more excited about talking about the law than I was. At the reception, we ended up talking to the Chief Justice of the Washington State Supreme Court. Super exciting all on its own. However, as I'm standing there telling myself not to say anything stupid, super fiancé boy jumps right in and starts talking to her about a case we read in one of our classes. Come to find out, SHE wrote that opinion. Whoa. Thanks to my plus one, I got to hear about the behind the scenes decision making that occurred on that case. It was amazing! 

Free food and wine never hurts either. 

The next morning they fed us again and then we got to watch the finals of the moot court competition. I actually found it fascinating and fun. However, I can not picture myself ever doing it. My heart was beating fast just by watching people I did not know walk up to the podium. 

Will law school finally break my fear of public speaking? 

After the competition, they fed us yet again and gave us a bunch of free stuff! Coffee mugs, coffee, chocolate and salad shakers all plastered with their law school's name. Hey, I'll take it. 

Then fiancé and I went back to our hotel and turned into sloths. Relying on Netflix is great on the wallet but there is something to be said about laying in bed all afternoon channel surfing. 

All in all, a much better weekend than last weekend! It pretty much had to be but I'm glad we got away for a break from real life. Whooo

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