Saturday, March 22, 2014

Too much!

Wow. It has been one hell of a weekend. It should have been easy.  Get off work on Thursday, drive to the airport and then fly down to Cali for a quick vacation from real life. 

Instead, I had a God Awful day at work and had to stay late. All because my (former) coworker decided to pull a no call no show. Which left me to do all the work. Classy. 

When I finally made it home, my fiancĂ© received a phone call from his mother asking us to drive to her house IMMEDIATELY. She was at the hospital with a dying family member and had just been told that their barn and shop had burned down. No one knew if the horses, pigs or other animals were okay and we lived the closest to go check it out. 

I frantically threw some clothes into my suitcase and we made the hour long drive in half that. 

This what we found. 

This truck is parked three feet from their house. Amazingly, it is fine but it was a seriously close call!

The horses survived but they lost a couple pigs, including  the momma pig. However, while we were there, we heard the baby piglets squealing from under the trough!! We found five of them and then we spent an hour trying to herd them into the sheep pen. The poor confused things were convinced we were trying to turn them into bacon. They'd had a rough day. 

The larger pig is the babies big sister. She's a little scorched but seems amazingly tolerant that her siblings keep trying to nurse on her. 

It could have been so much worse but it was still pretty bad. A years worth of hay and animal feed is gone, most of my father in law's machinery (with which he earns his living) is destroyed, all saddles, halters, and other horse accessories are gone. Not to mention, Christmas decorations, photo albums and other family mementos were stored in the shop.  However, their house is fine and only two animals were killed. Not to mention, nobody was home so they didn't get harmed. 

It could have been MUCH worse. 

Eventually I realized I had to leave for the scholars weekend in California. 

Once I was safe on the plane, I realized my throat hurt. It was probably the smoke, or the airplane, or the stress. Right? Right???

I managed to catch a cold. By the time I landed, I was miserable. 

All I wanted to do was get to my hotel and take a nap. Instead I had to get dressed up and go eat fancy food. Not the worst thing in the world, but not very fun either. 

I am having a hard time focusing on the law school right now. There are all these events on what this school has to offer but all I want to do is go home and be with my family. 

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