Thursday, March 6, 2014

Narrowing it down

I suppose I've narrowed my choice to two top schools and a few others that are still circling around in my head. The two have been in my top few since before I even got accepted but I really did believe I would be going to a closer law school. Maybe a few states away, not 45. >_<

School A

Argument For:

  • Tier 1 (mid tier 1, not T-14 or anything)
  • Half tuition scholarship - no requirements to keep it except for not flunking out of the school. 
  • Elder law clinic
  • Decent (or at least, better) job prospects
  • Good reputation throughout the country
  • Have family nearby. This is important when you're moving across the entire country. 

Argument Against:

  • My contact with admissions, after I was already admitted, was less than ideal. Rudeness and apathy that left me with the feeling that they didn't care whether I went to their school or not. 
  • Reputation of being pretentious. I wouldn't fit in well with that nonsense. 
  • The students have a reputation of being competitive and slightly cutthroat. 

School B

Argument For:

  • Elder Law Clinic
  • Elder Law Concentration
  • Elder Law Center & Journal
  • Elder Law 1L research & writing class
  • Almost full tuition scholarship - Top 50% requirement in order to keep it. 
  • Students say it's surprisingly non competitive for a law school. Students share notes and they haven't experienced book hiding or sabotage. 
  • The law school paid to fly me down there, put me in a suite and paid all my meals. Just so I could experience the school first hand and meet everyone. 
  • Tropical location. Sure, that shouldn't really matter but if I'm going to spend 90% of my time with my head in a book, the beach only being a 15 minute walk from campus is a definite plus. 

Argument Against:

  • Tier 3
  • Regional school. It would restrict job opportunities after graduation. 
  • Restricts to smaller firms after graduation
  • Hot and Humid summers. With a fiancĂ© who doesn't like the heat. Who doesn't love heat induced crankiness???

Equal considerations:

  • Similar cost of living expenses
  • Both are located on the east coast. I've been on the west coast my entire life. Crap. Moving is expensive. 

I think what it is coming down to is deciding on how certain I am that I want to work in elder law after graduation and whether I want to trade slightly better job prospects for the chance I might change my mind. Oh and the whole problem of being completely miserable for the next three years compared to only mostly miserable. Oh boy. What fun.

I don't suppose anyone can look at this from the outside and give me any advice?? Which school would you chose?

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  1. So US News updated their rankings and the Tier 3 is now a Tier 2 and the Tier 1 is a slightly better Tier 1. Does it make a difference? I am not sure yet. Maybe.