Sunday, March 2, 2014

Good God, Why Would You Go To LAW SCHOOL????

Short story time,
(This is the boring part)

I have worked with the elderly since high school, (nursing homes, assisted living and in home care) and I always assumed I would continue working with them either as a social worker or possibly as a nurse. However, the longer I worked with the elderly, the longer I realized that the difference in their standards of living had less to do with the money they had or didn't have, or their specific medical conditions, but more to do with the planning they did or did not do. And who they had to help them with that planning. The longer I worked with them, the more I wished to be a part of that process.

Add a few cases of elder abuse, neglect and one of my clients blowing herself up and I chose to apply to law school this fall.

Do I know which law school I am going to yet? Er..... Nope.

Will I be going into debt to go to law school? Oh yeah. Which is why I don't know which law school I am going to. Tier three with a large scholarship or a tier one with a small one. I don't have a clue yet.

Will I do well in law school? Hell if I know. I guess it will depend on how stupid my classmates are.

Will I find a job after law school? See question above. Though thank god for the baby boomers.

Am I scared spit-less? Yes, Yes, and Yes.

So we'll just have to see how this goes. One thing I do know, scared or not, come this August, I will be a 1L somewhere.

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