Friday, March 7, 2014

Suddenly I'm not just another caregiver

I think it's strange how some people treat me differently once they learn I am going to law school this fall. It's almost like they think I am suddenly smarter or more impressive than I was before.

For example, I work at an assisted living facility as a caregiver and I only told people I was going to law school last month. Since then, I have been assigned to all the training of new caregivers and I won employee of the month. But more than that, the way people talk to me and treat me is different. Instead of "Hey, you need to do this task now," I get asked, "I know you're super busy but would it be possible for you to do this task? When you have time of course." It's weird and it doesn't exactly make my coworkers overjoyed either. I am no longer treated the same as them by our bosses but even my coworkers interact with me differently. 

I can't exactly go around telling people to stop treating me better (and I wouldn't want them to anyway) but it definitely makes work a little awkward at times.

Even worse, coworkers, friends and family suddenly think that I know the answers to all of their legal questions. As if the law school application process magically filled my brain with divorce procedures or DUI requirements. Um Whaaaaat? I had heard that this was a thing but I thought I would have to at least attend my first day before people started asking for free advice! I wouldn't want advice from a 0L! Come on! I mean, if the term 1L is used to say, this is going to be 1L of a year, then 0L should stand for 0L NO! Terrible idea bro. Terrible.

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