Monday, March 10, 2014

Rankings Baby!

So I guess US News just updated their law school rankings because my Tier 3 is now a Tier 2 and my Tier 1 is now a better Tier 1. Cool! A few of my other maybes turned into Tier 4s which pushed them even further into my I'm not sure about this pile. So I am still stuck on the same two law schools. For now, I am okay with that. Give me a couple more weeks and I might just start freaking out about it though. April 1st is approaching so faaaaaast. ACK!

In other law school news,
I spoke with the lady in charge of the elder law clinic at the Tier 1 today and it was very informative. Not only on her program but what she said about other programs and schools. I asked her a question about their non clinic elder law options and she straight up mentioned my Tier 3/2 school. And then she talked up the elder law professors at the Tier 3/2 that I met only two weeks ago! She basically told me that if I am committed to elder law, I can't go wrong with either of these two schools. Which made me feel much better about both of them.

Now of course, she made a point to talk about all the amazing things her school does and where alumni go after graduation but she was very fair about it. It almost makes up for the bad impression I was left with after speaking to the admissions dean. Whooooo

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