Sunday, March 30, 2014

Fiancé and I playing leap frog

Well that is an interesting title. What I am trying to say is that fiance and I have basically played a weird game of leap frog with our education. We met at the local community college but I graduated a year before he did. Both the universities that we wanted to attend were out of town so I went back to the workforce and waited for him to catch up. Then we went on to the University together. However, he decided he wanted three degrees and a minor is Russian. Yes, there is something wrong with that boy. So yet again, I graduated before him. By this point, we had already bought a house together and my moving to attend a law school without him did not make sense on either a financial or logistic standpoint.

Here I am waiting on him again. Out in the big bad world trying to earn a living. How is this a game of leap frog? I mean so far is seems more like a game of the tortoise and the hare. Where the hare keeps stopping for the tortoise to catch up. The leap frogging comes in play in that fiance really, really wants to go to law school. However, when we stopped to think about it, the idea of both of us going through 1L at the same time made us realize that one of us would end up dead. If you have ever seen our house during undergrad finals, you would understand what I mean. We basically stop talking to each other and neither of us study at home. Sometimes it gets bad enough that one of us sleeps on the couch. Oh, and our house looks like it should be condemned. Or possibly fumigated. Garbage can? Oh hell, that is too far away. Yet another McDonald's bag on the coffee table. Yep, it just fell to the floor. Oops.

Since I have already spent two years waiting on him in order to continue my education, I get to start law school first. Lucky me?

We haven't decided yet whether he will wait until I graduate to start or if he will start a year or two after I do. A large part of that decision will be based on whether he gets a decent job in the city we move to. If he does, it makes more financial sense for him to work and help keep my loans down. I will do the same for him once he starts law school. Another consideration is whether he wants to go to the same law school I do. Unfortunately, I am the only one who has seen the school and the area. It is on the east coast and the farthest east he's ever been was Wyoming. Yes, we are most definitely west coast kids. He may hate it there. He may hate the school. As he hasn't taken the Lsat yet, the law school may be below or above him.

So we'll decide on when he starts law school later. Either way, we are planning on leap frogging our way through this.

Ribbet. Ribbet.   

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