Friday, March 14, 2014

My favorite part of the application cycle

I think it is fabulous that some schools are willing to fly me down for a scholars weekend. And by some, I mean two. But seriously, almost free flight, free lodging and lots of free food. Hello, count me IN!!

The first time I heard of this, my town was covered in snow and it was -1 degrees outside. And then I got an invitation to head to Florida. Most of my flight costs were covered, they put me into a suite and most the meals were covered. With an open bar. The entire weekend was amazing and more than worth the 7 hour flight. The school was nice too. ;)

I kid. I kid. The opportunity to see the school in person was invaluable. I sat in on a torts class, met a dozen professors, spoke with all the elder law professors and quite a few students. It was great!

Then while I was there, I received an invite to another retreat in California. Sure, why not? At no other time in my life have I had people willing to pay for me to travel to them. Okay, so they are wine and dining me with the hope that they will get my tuition dollars. I am still getting wine and dined and what is basically a free vacation. 

Oh. And swag too! Coffee mugs, flip flops, thumb drives and more. Whoo Hoo!

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