Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Reading 1L blogs

One of the reasons I started this blog is because I am seriously addicted to reading blogs about law school. I've probably read over a hundred. Obsessive much? 

With the numerous law school blogs out there, do I really think mine is necessary? Well yes and no. I doubt my blog will be anything close to revolutionary. However, one thing i noticed about the law school blogs are that there is a huge difference between the law school experience pre 2008 and more recent ones. The focus on jobs, grades and stress seemed much higher now. Which really makes me wish i had gone to college and law school right after high school! Have you seen the increase in tuition???? Good Lord. 

Now there are still a bunch of recent law school blogs but I can and will write about what I go through and what I think about it. Whether anyone cares is a different problem altogether. 

Additionally, most 1L blogs die a fast death around November. I am hoping to push through the hectic time called law school finals. When I read a blog that goes through orientation, classes, outlining and then disappears, I want to scream "What? NOOO. What happened next?" I have had various blogs for almost ten years, so I am hoping I can keep it up for the full three years. And this way I can share my final freak outs! Now doesn't that sound like fun? 

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