Saturday, April 5, 2014

Far Fetched Job Offer and Caption America

Yesterday I met up with my fiance's step-second cousin in law for a beer and a talk about law school. He owns his own small law firm and while we were talking, he realized I am interested in elder law. He sat up and was like, "If you pass the Washington Bar, I will hire you in a second." I laughed it off but he told me he was serious. Now, being serious today is a completely different ball game than being serious in three years. However, it made me realize that I actually do have connections. Even if they are step-second cousin in law connections by way of a future marriage. Whoo hoo!

After a few beers, fiance and I were off to watch Caption America with a group of friends. We are completely addicted to the Avengers Universe so I was pretty excited. While we were waiting for it to start, my friends and I were talking about the last Caption America. And his lack of a shirt. So we decided that every time he was shirtless in this movie, we would have to take a shot when we got home. 

Can you believe that he was not shirtless at any point in the movie????? It broke our hearts. Siiiiiigh

Still, I absolutely loved this movie and will undoubtedly be buying it at some point. I have to keep up my collection. 

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