Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Difference in expectations

I have been craigslisting house rentals in my soon to be new city. We are looking for a house because of our large dog and two cats. When I first started getting acceptance letters from law schools, fiancé's only requirement was that we could not get rid of any of our animals. 

That crossed New York City of my list pretty quickly. 

Although I love my animals, I am not a hundred percent certain I would have put them through the move. Assuming I could find a loving home for them of course. But hey, the man is following me across the country. The least I can do if find a home that will allow our dog. 

Did I mention that she is a very lovely pitbull?

Yeah. This house search is going to be a serious pain. 

One thing I did not factor into my plans is that fiancé has not rented a place in over a decade. And he's only rented apartments before. Oh. And we currently live in a town of eleven thousand and that town is completely surrounded by wheat fields. His idea of a reasonable rent is completely unreasonable. As in, he wants to rent a house for half of what we will probably end up paying. 

Yes, he just completely freaked the F out and wanted to call the whole thing off. Since I just paid the $500 deposit and the deadline for my second favorite school has passed, I then freaked the F out as well. 

Fun times in the house today guys. Whew. 

Eventually, I started craigslisting other city's rental home prices to compare and called a friend for back up. Fiancé calmed down which caused me to calm down. Crisis averted. I hope. 

We basically agreed to look at houses a little further away from the school and compromise on what things our house needs for us to rent. A dishwasher was not negotiable. A fenced yard and a washer/dryer is. 

I can live with that. I just hope we can find somewhere we can afford and isn't awful. Gah. 

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