Monday, January 11, 2016

First Day Of My Second Half Of Law School

Wow! I'm finally on the downward slope of my law school experience. It has both taken forever and gone by in a snap of my fingers. Time is funny that way.

Even with all my house guests in the last few days, I still managed to get the majority of my reading and class work for the week done. The only reason I managed it is because my brain has developed a glitch where I can only sleep six hours. This would be great if I only needed six hours but I definitely need more. But it did give me more time to get my work done so I won't complain too much. This is why we buy coffee after all.

This semester is going to seem more like undergrad than ever before. I have three classes that require weekly assignments. My Cuba class requires a writing assignment every week except this one. My advanced legal research class is the same except this week does count. However, I deserve a pat on the back because I already finished it last night. YAY me! Four days early. Then my interviewing and counseling class has many weekly assignments. Mock interviews, "firm" projects, meeting etc. Ay Ay Ay.

Add my job and my internship and I'm am going to be busy busy busy!

The only class I could not prepare for is Estate Planning and that is because he hasn't sent us a syllabus or reading assignment yet! ARG!!! My school has the least efficient procedure for giving first assignments ever. We have four platforms that professors can use to give them to us: An online assignment board that is only used for the first class assignments, blackboard, Twen through Westlaw, or by email. And every new semester, we have to keep checking each one to find out which professor uses what. But this time, I've checked them all everyday and nada for estate planning. It is the first day of classes professor! I know we don't have class until Thursday but come on!

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