Monday, November 17, 2014

Too Many Words

I have always been that person. You know the one. The kind of person who has to change the font of the punctuation in order to meet the page requirement. The one who finishes a paper just to realize that they are three pages short of the requirement. Yes. That person.  I always seem to be short on words with nothing left to say. Until I came to law school. Here, they do not have page requirements, they have word limits. Strict word limits. Every professor I have talked to says that they purposely give you fewer words than you really need in order to break people of the habit of adding fluff to their work. Well how nice. However, since I never got the hang of adding fluff to my papers, this word limit is killing me.

I don't think I would be this surprised if I hadn't finished the first memo at only half of the limit. The second one took me by surprise when I had to go through and cut stuff but it wasn't horrible. This memo though? I think my professor greatly underestimated how many words we would need. I still have two sections to write and I already have too many words. AAAAARRRRRGGGGGG

And of course, since this is law school, this is the ONLY memo that actually counts towards our final grade in research and writing. So the fifty plus hours I put into the other memos mean absolutely nothing. Eeep.

Plus, I am so ready for Christmas break to get here. Which means I spend more time thinking about writing this memo than actually writing it. That's not a recipe for disaster or anything. Right?

So that's what I have been up to. Fascinating right? I did get one heck of a highlight to my day when the Denny's waitress brought me a slice of pumpkin pie with a smiley face made of whipped cream. And then she dampened it by telling me that I really looked like I needed a smile. Wait, you mean not everyone comes to Denny's with a backpack and stays for six hours while they occasionally cry? Why on earth not? Try it and you might enjoy it. Especially when it comes with pie!

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