Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Time for Finals

So I just finished my last class of my first semester of law school! Man, time flew. In exactly two weeks from today, I will be done with finals and I will finally get a break. Sort of. Apparently during Christmas break, I am expected to apply to the bar, apply for summer internships, and join bar memberships. Not to mention, go to the eye doctor, get my drivers license changed over, clean my house (Oh does my house need it) and do all the other little things I haven't had time for. But hey, this is law school. I don't really get Thanksgiving off so why would Christmas be any different?

But that's all stuff I can worry about later. As of right now, I'm in FINALS MODE. All finals all the time. I'm about to head to Denny's to catch up on my civ pro reading and hopefully go through my Crim Law supplement and chart the differences between the MPC and Common Law. If a potential law student ever reads this, Pay attention to the difference in class! Make flashcards throughout the semester at the end of every chapter so you're not at the end going, hmmm, I kinda remember this but I don't remember which is which.

As a side note, my professors were nice enough to give us all an outline today. Of course they did, I finished my outlines last night! No, but it's actually really helpful because I can compare mine against theirs and find out what I missed. I'm sure I missed something! Or lots of somethings. So Whooo Hoo for nice professors. Apparently, this is a rare thing. My civ pro professor told me that when he first started giving handouts/notes he got a lot of crap for it and other professors accused him of spoon feeding the students. I'm all for spoon feeding! My goodness professor, you look so nice and pretty today. And you're obviously the smartest person in the world. Now about the final . . . 

I feel that writing my own outline helped me understand the material in my head and getting theirs helps me find what I missed. Plus, I have a feeling that at least some of the students won't bother making their own even though our professor's version is incredibly short and brief. Mine are not the monster outlines that people warn you against but it's not five pages either. So we'll see.

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