Saturday, November 15, 2014

Time Flies Even When You Are Not Having Fun

You know, everyone told me that law school flies past and every time I would just laugh. But it's TRUE. I have never had three months pass so fast in my entire life. Time has been moving faster than my time studying abroad, faster than the last five minutes with my love before I get on an airplane, faster than my day at disneyland when I was five. Okay, I never went to disneyland when I was five but you get me. Time is going SOOOO fast. So if someone ever tells you that law school flies by, believe them because somehow, time gets hinky here.

On the same theme, I used to laugh at the memes that would say something along the lines of "you know it's finals time because you just cleaned your house top to bottom." And I always snorted and said too bad that's not my procrastination tool because my house is a pigsty around finals time. Seriously, I might spend 16 hours straight watching Netflix but I'd never get so desperate to procrastinate that I'd actually clean. Until today. I woke up and whined 'I'm tired of working on my memo.' Two hours later I still hadn't made it out of bed and I felt pathetic. I dragged myself away from pinterest, opened my computer and then somehow ended up sweeping and mopping and all sorts of stuff. My house looks fantastic but I still don't have a rough draft of my memo. How did this happen?

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