Friday, November 21, 2014

Ode to Law School Exams


We finally got our grades for the second civ pro exam. Mine wasn't terrible but my grade from the last test went down 9 points while the class average went up 20 points. That is unfortunate. Plus, I feel the reason I did less well was very arbitrary. The exam was a mix of essay questions, short answers and three multiple choice questions. I did great on the essay and short answer portion but out of the three multiple choice questions, one was worth 10 points out of a hundred while the other two were only worth 3 points each. Which one did I miss? Of course it was the 10 point one.

On the other hand, it has definitely given me a kick in the butt to start getting serious about finals. Only one more week before they start and I will take any form of motivation I can get!

The last couple weeks I have been focused on my memo. I have more or less finished the writing of it and now I am adding citations and polishing it a bit. Oh, and I have to cut around 400 words. But I have all weekend before it is due and as soon as I'm done with that, I am going to finish my outlines and buckle down.

Fun Times Ahead!

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