Saturday, November 22, 2014

Classroom Shenanigans

So yes, we use the socratic method. Yes, we go through eight times as much material as we would in undergrad. But if someone tells you class in law school is never fun, they lie.

The other day in Contracts, I walk in and see that Chapter 17 is pulled up on the powerpoint. Wait? What? We weren't assigned Chapter 17. I look over at the guy next to me and he's frantically flipping through the book apparently hoping he can read it in the 3 minutes before class starts. Whispers are flying around the room. What is going on here?

Eventually, a guy walks in with a guitar and my professor pulls out a ukulele.

"I can teach you everything you need to know about Chapter 17 in under five minutes."

And then they sang a song about men in prison, frigid women and who know's what else. And they made us sing along with the chorus. Guys, we had a sing-a-long in contracts.

It was genius. And I truly understood mistake, impracticability, and impossibility in under five minutes.

I think law school should be a musical.


  1. I just started law school in September and have come across your blog after making my own. Your posts are so interesting for me to see someone from another countries perspective of the course and the differences! Just thought i'd say :) and good luck with the rest of your studies!

  2. Wow! You're my first comment, I like you already! Lol!
    I'm glad you found it interesting and I look forward to reading about your experience on your blog! What do you think are the biggest differences between my law school experience and one in your country?