Sunday, November 30, 2014

1L Exams

Somehow our section ended up with the most abnormal law school professors ever. We have no traditional issue spotting essay exams! All the other sections do but we happened to get the three unconventional professors. The class that came the closest by having essay questions is the most abnormal of them all by allowing us to have three exams throughout the semester. And for the final, he tries to make it easier on us by switching to only multiple choice. Wow!

My first exam is Criminal Law on Tuesday and it will consist of 90 multiple choice questions and 13 short answer. 

My second exam is Civil Procedure on Thursday and unlike the first two exams in this class, it will consist of 16 multiple choice questions with an area to write in why we chose that answer. 

My contracts exam is next week and we don't know the number of questions but it's all multiple choice. 

I've always done well on multiple choice questions (hence why I took the LSAT) but law school multiple choice questions are a different beast. Some of the questions are over a page long for just that one question. The answers are usually all true (or false) and we have to pick the one that is the most true or the most false. Tricky little things. 

Well, this was a lovely break but I should get back to studying. 

Wish me luck and I'll see you on the other side. 

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