Saturday, August 23, 2014

What I learned from law school orientation

• Having something break in your house that requires immediate attention and keeps you up until 4 am the night before orientation is bad. Don't let that happen.

• Two hours of sleep is terrible on your memory. You will walk right past your case briefs and necessary paperwork on your way out the door. Then you will spend the next ten hours convinced that 1.) They will call on you to answer a question that can only be found in your briefs and 2.) They will kick you out of law school for forgetting to bring the signed honor code paperwork. 
Neither of these things actually happened  so if this happened to you too, keep breathing. I wasn't the only one and neither are you. 

• The designers of skirt suits apparently tack the slit together and you are supposed to remove it before wearing it. So when you hop in the car and feel something pop don't think that you somehow got immensely fat overnight. Just go back into the house and cut that string. Problem solved. 

• Ten hours of orientation is a really long day and they will move you around campus at least sixty times. Even your most comfy dress shoes that have never caused a problem before will give you blisters. Bring bandaids. 

• Mock class, although unnerving, is actually fun. Feel free to enjoy it. 

•No matter how bad your answer was, at least you weren't that guy who had to confess to the professor that they never read the case. Ouch!

• When they say that laptop configuration will take three hours, know that only applies if you have a gazzion viruses and haven't updated your software updates in 8.3 years. It took me 15 minutes. It took my neighbor 2 hours. 

• When the Financial Aid department messes up and gives you your check early before you go to the financial aid seminar, don't follow through and actually show up. There is a reason they hold your check hostage. You should already know that the more money you borrow the more money you will have to pay back after school. If you don't know this, okay, you should go. And take notes. 

• You will go home with a huge amount of loot. Free laptop bag, tshirt, planner, thumb drive, folders, pop rocks that say law libraries rock, a copy of to kill a mockingbird, and a squeezable stress gravel. 

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