Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Law School Orientation and Other Law School Stuff

When my best friend started law school she had a week long orientation that basically lasted from 8am to 6pm the week before classes started. I had assumed that I would go through more or less the same thing. However, my school does a large part of their orientation online.

In June we got our first chunk of orientation assignments. It basically consisted of an hour and a half video on achieving your personal best in law school, a forty minute video on how to read a case critically, a thirty minute video on the court system and the three branches of government. It also had a short video on career development and what we should be doing this summer to start on that. Oh Boy! Other than videos, the first step of orientation also had a page of links about campus life and a few cases they wanted us to read to practice on.

Step two came out in July and had a bunch of power points and videos on the honor code and conduct code. It also introduced us to the various offices on campus and how to set up appointments and such.

We just got step three yesterday and it was actually the most interesting. At least by a little. The videos taught us about our pro bono requirement and we got to hear from students on how they fulfilled it. We also learned about the Florida Bar and how much cheaper it will be if we register for it now. Guys, the character and fitness part is going to be a pain. Every apartment I've ever lived in, every job I have ever had, every ticket I've had. Okay, that last one will be easy, I've only had one. Even so, I have no idea on some of these. Fun times ahead.

I wish I could say that I found the online orientation fascinating but truthfully, I was just a little annoyed that I had to do homework in June when school didn't start until August. 

On the other hand, I appreciate the convience of doing it in my own time and at home. So it's 50/50.

We still have one day of on campus Orientation in a couple weeks plus a mandatory laptop configuration and financial aid seminar on a separate day.

In more exciting news .... I finally received my schedule!!!!! It feels real now. I am starting law school in just a few short weeks! I'm really starting to get excited to make it through orientation and start classes. I already bought most of my books though they haven't all arrived yet. I decided that for my first semester I would splurge and buy new books. There is nothing like fresh never been highlighted books! Though I'm not completely stupid and did not buy them from the bookstore. It saved me a few hundred dollars but I'm sure that it won't be long before I start renting them. They only budget us for 600 dollars per semester but even on Amazon with free student prime shipping, it came to over 700 dollars. OUCH!! So yes, used textbooks are in my future. I'm still glad I chose this route for this semester though. Pretty, Pretty textbooks.  

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