Friday, August 29, 2014

I survived the first week of law school!

And I didn't even cry. Success!

Myth v Reality 

Socratic Method -

I say this from the standpoint of a person not getting cold called yet. So actually, that says something right there. I had the idea I would be called on all the time and that's just not likely to happen. There are about sixty people in my section and the professors just do not move through material that fast to call on everyone every week. Much less daily. Also, my professors are not mean about it. When students didn't know the answer or answered a fact question wrong the professor tried to help them. If it was hopeless, they moved on to someone else. When someone got flustered and nervous, the other students jumped in and tried to help. Ask me again after I say something stupid but it hasn't been horrible. 

Reading Load -

Oh yeah. That one is accurate. I'm a fast reader and I still spend morning to night reading. Even though I tried to get ahead so I could have a few hours on my birthday free, well it didn't work. I had an entire 30 minutes before bed to grab a beer. And I don't think I even finished it before I crashed out. The hardest part of the reading was that we were expected to have all this reading done before the first day. Which meant we had no guidance on what was and wasn't important. I'm pretty sure we all had 15 pages of notes for the first day and it was just a huge waste of time. I am getting better at pulling out the important stuff so hopefully it'll take less and less time. Please?

Law School is just as bad as High School -

From what I've seen, True. There are already cliques and there is already gossip. Man oh man. Basically everyone is polite to everyone but they all sit in their same groups for lunch and make plans within their group. Awkward. I walked in our first class from a girl I met during orientation and now when I'm not near her, people make comments like "Oh, are you waiting for ***? I saw her five minutes ago." Luckily I like this girl but why is it assumed we must do everything together? Weird. 

Well, it's finally Friday and its a three day weekend to boot. YAY. I want to go to the SBA social tonight so I should probably get some reading done first. Oy Vey. 

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