Thursday, February 5, 2015

Update on the Wills Event

After all that stress wondering if I was ready to interview a client. And after all the worry about if I knew enough to write the will. And after I got all dolled up in a suit and heels and wore it to class all day. Oh not to mention leaving property class early to make sure I would get to the appointment on time.

The man stood me up.

The secretary was beside herself. Apparently my appointment was the only no show of the entire event. Just my luck.

It may or may not be rescheduled for tomorrow but nothing definite yet.


Edited to add: I got a new client for tomorrow. Apparently the secretary felt so bad for me that the second a new client came in, she assigned him to me. So YAY on getting to do this. BOO on having to wear a suit to class again. I don't mind wearing a suit in general but I dislike it for class. Class should be comfy. Maybe not pajama comfy but jeans and t-shirt comfy.

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