Thursday, February 12, 2015

If My Professor Cites Wikipedia, Can I As Well?

One of my professors wrote his own casebook and self published it online. Some parts of it I like quite a bit, other parts not so much. My biggest problem is that if I want a hard copy, I need to print it out myself. Which gets expensive and is way too time consuming.

So I just read it online and then complain about it. Heh. Sounds normal right?

Anyway, I just ran across a section that cites wikipedia as it's source. I don't even have words. If I can't use wikipedia, YOU can't either Professor.

This is probably leaving you with the impression that it's a lousy casebook but it really is the same quality as my other books. Except for the wikipedia cite. That's different. And unlike my Crim Law book, it doesn't have the F word in it for absolutely no reason. At least not so far.

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