Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Suiting Up

Yesterday was the first day that I looked and the mirror and wasn't taken aback to see myself in a suit. Now it's undoubtedly because I've worn one so often during the last two weeks for the Wills Event but still. It was a big moment. I wonder if I would feel strange in scrubs now? I definitely miss the pockets in scrubs. I'm pretty sure I'd be able to fit at least one of my casebooks in there and you can't do that in a suit!

I do have a question for the ladies though. (Men can chime in too, no judging here) I've only been able to get my nylons to last through two days before getting a run or my toes breaking through. Is this normal? I hardly want to have to buy a new pair every other day so I'm really hoping there is a trick to getting them last longer.
How long do they last for you? Is there a magic hose secret I don't know about?

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