Monday, February 16, 2015

Professors want to make us work for it

I'm pretty much used to the fact that I can be cold called at any point in a class. I almost never am called on, but I am used to the fact that I could be. What I am not used to is the professors who like to make us come up to the front of the class for one reason or another. Sometimes it's to argue one side against another classmate who takes the other side. Sometimes it's to work out hypos or explain a topic. We had to do it in Criminal Law too but I somehow managed to not get called on for that.

It caught up to me in Property today. I was lucky in that I just had to go through one hypo and part of one case but I'm still hoping it'll let me off the hook for awhile. It wasn't too bad. Apparently I spoke too fast and I had to go over the hypo again but I had a group up there so we all took turns. All in all, not a horrible experience.

But I still miss undergrad lecture style classes.

Oh, and about the fact that I'm almost never called on. I've found that those in the back row get called on the most. The middle rows in the middle of the room get called on almost as often and the middle front row after that. I sit in the very front row on the side and I almost never get called on. I do raise my hand and volunteer sometimes but that's a whole different beast than being called on out of the blue.

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