Friday, February 13, 2015

I'll never be a real adult

A couple days ago the arch of my foot just started cramping up. Over and over again. Then my toes started getting in the action. I'd just be sitting there, or standing, or sleeping and BAM. Foot cramp. Fiancé tried giving me foot massages, I ate bananas, nothing really helped.

Finally it came to me that over the last week or so, I've worn heels more days than not. With the wills event and a couple interviews, I actually wore a full suit as often as I wore jeans. Whoa. What is this? Is this adulthood? No. No it is not because doing so turned me into a cripple who randomly falls to the ground because of a foot cramp.

Well now what do I do? I have to wear a suit again on Tuesday and today is Fiancé and I sixth anniversary. I definitely want to wear heels when we go out tonight. Hmmm.

First world problems.

The funny thing is, I'm such a klutz that I purposely buy the lowest heels I possibly can. I'm not strutting around town in stripper shoes. Good Grief.

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