Thursday, July 28, 2016

Why was there even a roofing nail on my driveway anyway?

You see that nasty, rusty, dirty roofing nail? Yeah, that totally ended up nailing my shoe to my foot yesterday and royally messing up my day.

I had just got home from my clerking job and was pulling a big and heavy box out of my car. I lost my balance a bit and fell back. BAM. All my weight (plus the boxes weight) on my right foot and that nail went as deep as it could go.

I was screaming, the box was falling and I was wearing heels. I don't know how I managed not to break my ankle. I tried to pull it out but it was flat against my shoe and I couldn't manage to get a grip. I eventually had to call fiancé outside to help me and even he had a hard time pulling it out. It's bad enough stepping on a nail but apparently falling on one is even worse.

And do you know what that man said to me????? His first words were That was on the driveway? I'm glad you didn't run over it with the tire. I'm literally nailed into my shoes and he's worried about a car tire. Men. Pfffft.

Eventually we did manage to pull it out and tried to clean my foot up but it looked like a piece of it had broken off. To make my day even worse, I knew I wasn't covered by a tetanus shot because when I had tried to get one a few months ago, the nurse denied me because there is a latex warning on the DTAP and for liability reasons, they wouldn't give it to me. Boo.

So . . . we went to the ER. And yes, I know how dumb it sounds to say I went to the ER because I stepped on a nail but well, I went to the ER because I stepped on a nail. It was after business hours so I couldn't go to a doctor's office and I didn't want to have to worry about debris in my foot or tetanus or any of that.

The ER staff was really nice and even looked up the latex warning. Apparently the risk is really, really low for people who've never had a respiratory reaction to latex so boom, I got the shot. Got some antibiotics and was on my way.

Like always, the next day is worse. It hurts to put weight on my foot and my arm is extremely sore from the shot. It is making me cranky. I think I'm having a netflix and cuddle night.

Do you blame me?

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