Saturday, July 16, 2016

Best Sister Ever

Months and months ago, my sister got an Instant Pot for Valentines day and she's been singing the praises ever since. In case you don't know, an Instant Pot is a type of electric pressure cooker with six other functions like a slow cooker, yogurt maker, rice maker, etc.

I was curious about my sister's Instant Pot but I didn't plan on ever buying one. Pressure cookers kind of intimidate me and I couldn't imagine adding another gadget to my kitchen. Plus, they're a little expensive for a student budget.

Then I went to visit my sister this spring. Oh how I stared at this thing! My envy started growing by the day. My sister and I talked numerous times about how I needed to start saving for one.

Then came Prime Day when I saw they were almost 50% off. I quickly double checked my bank account ... and realized I couldn't do it. Waaaaah. So like any normal sister, I texted my sister the link with this message, "I want it, I need it, I can't afford it. BOOOOO."

She boo'd back and I moved on. Two days later, I come outside to a huge box from Amazon and can't figure out what the heck I had bought. Yup, she bought it for me.

Now, just in case you don't understand my surprise, my family doesn't really give gifts. My mom stopped giving us Christmas and birthday presents when I was nine and my sister was seven. My sister and I go years without exchanging gifts. AND THIS WASN'T EVEN MY BIRTHDAY. I was so surprised!

The included note said Happy Birthday, Merry Christmas, and Happy Kwanza! Which really shows how rare it is for us to buy each other gifts.

I'm so excited but I'm also slightly terrified of this thing. I added all the ingredients to make bone broth and then chickened out and put the inner bowl in the fridge. Yesterday. I've read the instruction manual 3 times and I still don't understand how to make it work.


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