Friday, July 8, 2016

Batch Cooking Fail?

I have been craving bean burritos like crazy lately. Generally my cravings aren't a problem but because Fiancé is allergic to beans, I knew I wouldn't be making them for dinner anytime soon.

Then I ran across this recipe for budget freezer burritos. I was sold. Super cheap, burritos and freezer cooking? How could I not be.

So I went to Aldi's and bought all the ingredients for a grand total of $8.24 and came home and made 18 bean and cheese burritos. My cost was only 45 cents per burrito! This should totally be a batch cooking win right?

No. Apparently when you don't eat beans for a long time (say because your fiancé is allergic to them and you don't buy them) your body forgets how to digest them. My neighbor ate one and is perfectly fine. I ate one and I feel like I'm dying. It's been over 24 hours and I still feel blah.

And I have 16 burritos left. I think I am going to see if I can slowly reintroduce beans to my diet so I can eat these. They are REALLY GOOD.  I spent a long time Googling last night and apparently other people have had the same problem and they could fix it. Here's hoping!

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  1. I cannot wait to dig deep and kickoff utilizing resources that I received from you. Your exuberance is refreshing.