Friday, October 17, 2014

Rough Week

Our second memo was due last weekend and it seriously messed up my schedule. I couldn't get all my reading for the week done over the weekend and holy crap did I fall behind. I wish I could say that it is all due to the memo but I also had some medical issues crop up through the week. Not only did I have to spend all day Wednesday at the doctor's but I spent all day Thursday on the phone with my insurance company. That meant even more time spent on all sorts of stuff except law school. Plus I had to miss class. What a PAIN!!

But I have a plan. Today I'm going to catch up on civ pro. It's probably going to take until midnight but it's gonna happen. Boom!

Tomorrow I am going to catch up on Crim Law and try to beg someone to give me the notes from the class I missed. I will also do the reading for next week like I usually do. Double Boom!

Sunday I will do the same as Saturday but with Contracts.

And then on Monday evening, I will study for the R&W test that I have on Tuesday which is worth 30% of my grade. Gulp.

Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday of next week I will work on the R&W assignment due next weekend so that by next weekend, I will be back on track. Just in time to do all the reading for the next week.

If anyone is reading this thinking of going to Law School, DO NOT FALL BEHIND! Bad things happen when you do!

On a side note, I found out that my grade on the civ pro exam was one of the best in the class. So YAY!!! I have the next exam in two weeks so I better fit in some time to study for that as well. Oh what fun.

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