Sunday, September 28, 2014

Feels great to be ahead for once!

I haven't really had time or energy to write anything the last week or so but here is a short recap of the week.

My first memo was due last Sunday. They went easy on us as it was only a partial memo. We had to write the discussion and conclusion portion of only one issue. It was also a closed memo meaning they gave us the research (cases and statutes) and we weren't allowed to go beyond those. It definitely made it easier!

I had my first Civ Pro exam on Friday and as it's the only class that doesn't make us wait until the final, we were all freaking out about it! Now that it's over, I'm still freaking out about it. Did I do okay? Did I answer everything? I have no idea and won't know for 3 to 4 weeks. Right before my next exam. Great. 

Overall, the professors have been really cool about it. Every professor knew we had the exam coming up and cut us a little slack. Or a lot in some cases. I walked into contracts on Thursday and had a heart attack when I saw that every seat had a "pop quiz." I wanted to yell "no one told me there were pop quizzes in law school! how did i miss this info??" Professor gave us 30 minutes to finish it and then came in and told us that it was just a practice exam and weren't we glad to get that out of the way. :P We were glad but the stress of it almost did me in. We then spent the rest of the two hour class period talking about exam strategies. 

Not only did we have a class period that didn't involve the Socratic method but it also means the reading I did for that class gets pushed to next week! Bless that man. Added to the fact that we don't have contracts on Thursday of this week and Tuesday of next, well I have the reading covered for the next two weeks! Yay! Free time!!

Oh! And my Crim Law professor came down with the flu and classes were canceled all week. Which means I did the reading last weekend that we'll now have to go over this week! 

So since I had my reading covered that I usually do over the weekend, what did I do? Did I clean my house or go grocery shopping? Ha! No way. I went out Friday night and then spent the entire day yesterday in bed reading trashy murder mysteries. All day guys. I did not even get up the motivation to sit on the couch for awhile. It was amazing. 

Of course, that did mess up my schedule for today as I slept until noon and then my landlord called to ask to come over to check some stuff out. So I have a day and a half of R&W to do and four hours to do it in. Eh. Totally worth it. 

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