Friday, July 10, 2015

Stress relief at it's finest!

So I know I said in my last post that summer break is a lie but I have actually done a few things that are non-law school based. 90% of it relates to yarn. I didn't really think about the fact that I had stopped knitting once classes started but boy am I making up for it now.

First I made a baby blanket for my newest niece. 

I was somewhat out of practice and this picture was before it was washed so it looks a mess. I swear it looks much better now. 

After that, I made another baby blanket for my neighbor. 

Then I made a set of dryer balls for my sister (who'd only been asking for them for two years now!) 

And then I made myself a pair of plain black socks for the days I dare to wear pants at my internship. They are the most boring thing I've ever made but they fit their purpose perfectly. Someday I'll make it back to my crazy socks but now is not the time. Sigh.

Now a good part of these were made while I was recovering from my surgery but still. It's an impressive amount of projects!

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