Saturday, January 10, 2015


Grades came out!! 

Grades are so weird in Law School. First of course, is the whole the curve can hurt you thing. That leads to the whole class competing against each other and that leads to an unspoken pact to keep your grades secret from each other. In general, close friends will probably talk about their grades but it's iffy. It's much more likely for people to say how they feel about their grades instead of what their grades actually were. 

I feel okay about my grades, could have been better but could have been worse. No, no, no. I read a lot of blogs about 1L year before I started and most blogs followed the unspoken rule. It's true that someone from my class could figure out who I am from reading this blog. I'm just not sure it matters. I don't make fun of classmates and I don't go around starting drama. 

*deep breath* I got two 3.25's and two 4.0's. We haven't gotten the distribution of grades yet or our ranking but I was obviously above the curve in the classes I got a 4.0 in and I think slightly above the curve in the other two. But only slightly. Our curve for first year courses is set at a 3.0 so most people will get a 2.75 to a 3.25. What that means for my ranking I have no idea. But I feel that I'm doing fine. 

Also, I have been talking to friends in  other law schools and they are so amazed that we got our grades the week before school starts back up. One of my friends won't get them until the first week of February! Another doesn't know when she'll get hers. I am so relieved that I get to start spring semester knowing that I didn't fail all of my classes and flunked out of law school. Whew!

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