Friday, January 16, 2015

Classes Second Semester

Last semester I had Contracts, Civil Procedure, Criminal Law and Research and Writing I. This semester I have Property, Constitutional Law, Torts and Research and Writing II.

After a week of classes, this is what I think, oh boy did I get lucky last semester. I am positive that I will be teaching myself Property and possibly Con Law and my Tort's professor scares me. When the school counselors hand me a stack of supplements after they hear my professor list, well I think that might be a bad sign.

R & W II is the class we have the oral argument in which causes me to try to hide under my bed. And it is at least three months away. Oh boy.

Plus, this semester we actually have issue spotting exams. This shouldn't be a big deal since it's a classic law school exam but having skipped out on it last semester, it makes me feel at a disadvantage.

However, the subject matter this semester is so far at least, very interesting. I like Con Law and Torts.

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