Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Traveling with four pets - Hotels

So although I wrote this post on the road, it somehow did not actually get published. Oh the fun of writing a blog on my phone.

Anyway, I did make it to Florida and an still trying to get unpacked and situated. I'm sure I will be writing more about it later.

Can you imagine walking into a hotel and saying "Hi, I'd like a room for two adults, a pittbull, two cats and a snake?" No. Neither can I. Unfortunately that left us with very few options. Most pet friendly hotels have restrictions on the number of animals. Ultimately we decided to do the unhonorable thing because I was NOT going to leave my cats in a dog crate in the car all the way from Washington State to Florida. Sue me.

What we did was decide on a city to crash in and google 'pet friendly hotels in ________ city.' Then I would call around until we found a place to accept our dog.   Once we were checked in, we would causally mention that we had to grab our dog crate and ask if they had a back door close to our room. So far, they always have and we've gotten in and out fine. Though it does help that our dog crate is the hard colored plastic kind so you can't see in. Also, amazing FiancĂ© boy can carry that darn thing in by himself flat because I can not. And I'm sure the cats would give the game away if I had to tip it sideways. Heehee. 

Once all the pets were in the hotel room we would give the kitties a lot of lovings and then lock them in the bathroom with food, water and a litter pan. We only did this in case they felt like a little revenge after being locked in a car all day. There's not a lot of ways to damage the average bathroom. So far they haven't done anything other than poop on the floor outside their box but it's still a good idea.

When it came to the snake, we did it on a case by case basis. He is fine staying in the car all night unless the temperature dropped down too low. As we got farther and farther south, that became less and less of a problem and so he just stayed in the car. 

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