Sunday, April 6, 2014

The Paper Chase

On the advice of an attorney, I finally broke down and watched The Paper Chase. 
This movie came out in 1973 and depicts the story of a 1L student at Harvard Law. In a very frightful manner. 

The very first scene shows the professor going after the poor unprepared first year.  Next it explains the terror of the Socratic manner and the importance of law review. Oh, and how study groups should be formed on the first day. Even if they end up in chaos. 

It just seems so cliche. I'm not saying the cliche isn't true, just that the entire movie seems to be a way to drive home how hard and scary law school is supposed to be. 

I know all this. What I need is a movie, or a book, that explains how to move past the scary aspect and actually succeed in law school. 

This movie didn't provide it. 

It didn't help that I found the romance boring and the conflicts idiotic. 

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